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Professional recipes for companies

Do you want to present your products to show their unique characteristics? Enhance your food products to create unique gourmet delights. Show the full range of taste variations. Our expert team can put together exactly what you need:

  • Recipes using your products
  • Recipes that match your photos
  • Recipes with specific ingredients
  • Recipes with special dietary requirements such as sugar or gluten- free, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, halal, etc.
  • Improvement or variation of your existing recipes with sophisticated ingredients. In addition, extending your recipe database
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  • Recipes with specific ingredients
  • 80,000 professional recipes
  • Tested by experts
  • Format compatible with databases
  • Recipes for existing photos

Database compatible and international

  • You receive standard recipe texts that are compatible to your database
  • We can deliver the appropriate keywording
  • We provide professional recipes in 13 languages
  • Our recipes are available in various international measuring systems
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